Hello, I’m Jasmine Hormati

A dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, and owner of Mendinground Nutrition

I specialize in disordered eating recovery and body image work by using a non-diet, weight-inclusive, and justice-informed approach to help clients heal their relationship with food, their bodies, and reclaim their inherent worth.

I’ve been helping clinicians as a business coach since 2022.

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About Jasmine Hormati, MS, RD, CDN

I always knew I wanted to have my own practice, but I kept hearing the message that I should get a few years of clinical experience before starting my own business.

I knew that wasn't for me though.

I knew that I wanted to help people using an intuitive eating and weight-inclusive approach. I knew I wanted to be flexible in my work and personal life.

After attending Alissa Rumsey’s Entrepreneurship Retreat in the spring of 2020, I felt inspired and energized to get my practice started (what an intense time to start a practice).

I also felt stressed about ALL THE THINGS I had to do to get started. I found myself going deep into rabbit holes and let my perfectionism get in the way of launching.

Luckily, I learned a really helpful phrase from a dear friend that helped me officially launch (and is something I still keep in mind to this day): done is better than perfect. 

jasmine hormati

I’ve been a business owner since 2020 and have really enjoyed working with my clients - helping them to heal the relationship with food and body so they can be more authentically themselves.

I started accepting insurance in the fall of 2021 so that my services can be more accessible - a big value of mine. I also love supporting other clinicians so that you can also start and grow your own business - in a sustainable way that works for you. 

I’ve been helping clinicians as a business coach since 2022 as the co-facilitator for The Liberated Clinician (TLC - love that this also stands for tender, love, and care).

This is a group coaching program for providers who want to build a weight-inclusive, justice-informed practice that allows you to show up in ways that resonate with you. I’ve really enjoyed supporting the clinicians in our TLC cohorts by helping them figure out what works for them and sharing my own experience as a business owner.

The best part of this program is being in community with other clinicians who have similar values and want to do things differently. 

Systems Support

  • Do you feel like it's hard to onboard your new clients?
  • Do you always have to look back at old blog posts to see how you usually format them?
  • Are you struggling to remember to do certain tasks (i.e. paying quarterly taxes)?
  • Do you want to save time and energy so you're not always working IN your business?

If you said yes to any of these, you may need some systems support!


I love creating systems and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to make my life and the life of other business owners easier.

Over the years, I have tried different things to create more efficient and easeful systems in my practice. Through The Liberated Clinician, I’ve realized that I can also help providers troubleshoot sticking points in their practice and make systems that work better for them.

I’ve made systems in my own practice that remind me to complete recurring tasks and make things flow more smoothly.

If you have a task that you do regularly, want a better way to do something, or want to be able to hand off tasks to someone else (i.e. an assistant or intern) - you'll want to hop on a call with me to get things sorted out.

How it works

Initial Session

During the initial session, we'll get into the nitty-gritty details of what's going on and brainstorm possible solutions. You'll walk away with actionable steps to set up or tweak your system to make it more efficient

Post Session

I'll check-in with you to see how things are going - talk about accountability to get things done!

Follow-up Session(s)

If you're still running into issues and need more support troubleshooting, we can hop on another call to sort things out

Jasmine is a wonderful clinician, so warm and compassionate, and great at holding space for her clients. I highly recommend Jasmine if you're looking for support healing from chronic dieting or disordered eating, and working on your relationship to food and your body.

Alissa Rumsey
Owner of Rumsey Nutrition Consulting, Lead Facilitator of The Liberated Clinician


All sessions are 60 minutes

One Session



Two Sessions



Three Sessions



Book by emailing jasmine@mendinground.com with subject: Systems Support Call

Payment plans available for packages with multiple sessions

If you'd like to chat before purchasing, schedule a free connection call

Tools I use in my practice

Here are some things that keep my practice flowing smoothly - it took some time to figure out what works for me, but I’ve now got great systems in place to make sure things go efficiently using these tools.

Please note some of these are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something using my affiliate link, I will receive a small commission or bonus. This will not change the price for you - in some cases you will earn money or a bonus too! I only share things that I use in my practice and have found helpful. Affiliate links are listed with an asterisk*. Thank you for your support! 

Simple Practice*

EMR: This is my favorite platform to use for working with my clients and insurance billing. SP does it all! I can send paperwork to my clients, have telehealth sessions, templated notes, etc. And it only takes a few clicks to submit insurance claims - time saver!


Project Managment: This is where I keep my to-do list and get stuff done! When I have an idea, it goes straight into my Asana. I love that I can see my to-do list in a calendar view and focus on what needs to get done that day.


Accounting Software: QuickBooks makes bookeeping easy and seamless! I love the reports I can generate and the auto-categorization of my transactions. Knowing my numbers is a breeze with QuickBooks.
Google workspace

Google Workspace*

All in one: Google Drive to store files. Gmail with a custom email address. Google Calendar so I never miss a session or meeting. You can also sign a BAA to make your Google Workspace drive HIPAA compliant.


Scheduling: Tired of going back and forth trying to set up a meeting time? Calendly makes scheduling simple where people can see your real-time availability! You can set up automated emails and reminders for sessions. Easily integrates with other programs like Zoom.


Scheduling: Easy scheduling tool where clients can see real-time availability! You can create packages and services that clients pay for through Acuity. You can set up automated emails and reminders for sessions. Integrates with other programs like Stripe and Zoom.


Email Marketing Tool: A great way to collect subscribers, build connections with your communitys, automate emails, and monetize with Convertkit’s advanced email marketing features. Very easy to use and integrate with your website.

Ultimate Bundle*

Contract & Legal Templates: Do you wonder if you're business is good to go legally? Sam's UB offers great training on how to legally protect your business! In the UB, she provides editable contracts, legal templates, and tutorials on how to use them!

Payment Tracker*

Payment and Claim Trakcer: This tool is a must - especially if you accpent insurance! I use this everday to keep track of which claims have been filed and paid. I love the analytics and graphs that easily show my how my practice is doing.

Provider Connection Calls

Check out my calendar below to choose a time to get to know each other better and see how we can support each other and our clients!

I love connecting and collaborating with other providers. It’s a big part of my work in order to support my clients better. 

Learn more about the nutrition counseling services I provide and whether I may be a good fit for your client:

Jasmine is a wonderful clinician, so warm and compassionate, and great at holding space for her clients. I highly recommend Jasmine if you're looking for support healing from chronic dieting or disordered eating, and working on your relationship to food and your body.

Alissa Rumsey
Owner of Rumsey Nutrition Consulting

Patient Referrals

Do you have a client that can benefit from my support?

Have them connect with me by scheduling a call:

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If your client is using their insurance, download this document and fax it to us

I currently provide telehealth sessions via a HIPAA-compliant platform and accept insurance.

  • I can provide superbills for out-of-network plans. 

  • I am also part of Project Heal’s Healers circle to offer pro-bono and sliding scale rates. If your client cannot access care, have them fill out this application.  

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