Yoga with Autumn

We’re so glad you’re interested in practicing yoga with us. Autumn is our resident yoga teacher, and Jasmine is a yoga practitioner. We offer yoga classes that welcome all bodies and ability levels. 

Autumn uses her background as a gymnast, lifelong athlete, and mental health enthusiast to help you get a deeper understanding of yoga movement and philosophy, no matter how much (or how little!) experience you have. 

She offers insight on using yoga as a tool to manage anxiety and to access mindfulness. She teaches classes that are honest, playful (dare we say goofy), and help us all connect more deeply with ourselves and each other. Her classes are usually steeped in stories with life lessons, breathing and meditation practices, blood-pumping movement, and deep relaxation.

Yoga Schedule

While Autumn prepares for her next big adventure, she’s taking a break from teaching regular in-person classes. Connect with us below so we can update you about livestream classes which will begin again in the coming months!

woman assisting another woman in yoga

Free Yoga Videos

Want more free yoga? Check out the videos here!

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