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Do you:

  • feel confused about all the nutrition information out there and how to eat?
  • feel uncomfortable in your body?
  • want to stop dieting and make peace with food and movement?

If you said yes to any of these, know that you're not alone.

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We've been there too...

...and we have found food freedom, intuitive movement, and body appreciation.

Our culture has told us that being ‘thin is better and beautiful’. Most of us have internalized these messages and blame ourselves for not fitting into the mold. If you feel unworthy because of this, we’re here to tell you that this is NOT your fault. 

We specialize in recovery from chronic dieting, disordered eating, and eating disorders using a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach. We are building a community where no one has to explain themselves for what they choose to eat, how they choose to move their body, or what they look like. 

We provide nutrition counseling and yoga classes so you can reconnect with yourself and learn how to rely on your body’s wisdom to know how to eat, move, and live your most authentic life. 

Learn more about how we can help you get there.

the story behind

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We are sisters – chosen sisters that is. We met each other during our first semester in grad school and after countless hours of studying, cooking, and climbing together, we ended up with matching tattoos and a desire to work together. 

One snowy day after walking through Central Park, we were inspired to create a more inclusive space for people in pursuit of health and happiness. And thus, mendinground was born – a space to heal your relationship with food and movement and reclaim your self-worth. 

We are dietitians who believe:

  •  in a non-diet approach to eating and movement
  • there is non one-size-fits all solution to health
  • all bodies are worthy of respect

Our Identities & Privileges

We recognize that parts of our identities holds privileges. Our privileges include being able-bodied, cisgendered, heterosexual, and food secure. We acknowledge these to let you know where we are coming from. While our lived experience are as such, we have learned from and continue to invest in trainings and supervision from people of diverse backgrounds. We value your lived experience and recognize that it may be different from ours.

We believe everyone deserves access to respectful care and will hold space for you to show up exactly as you are. If you’d like to work with another provider, we completely understand and will do our best to connect you with someone that might better support you. 

Jasmine Hormati, MS, RD

Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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I love food and eating unapologetically. Having leftover pasta with shrimp for breakfast. A salad with chicken for lunch. Occasionally french toast with eggs and bacon for dinner. I enjoy it all!

It wasn’t always this way though. When I first started to learn about nutrition, I let the food police take over. A lot of “clean eating” with “cheat days”. I was lucky to be introduced to intuitive eating shortly after and pushed diet culture out of my life. I realized how much diet culture is ingrained in our society that has led many people to have difficult relationships with food and their bodies. It even contributes to bias in healthcare practitioners so that they treat people in large bodies differently. This is not okay.

I want to help clients reconnect to their inner wisdom and develop relationships with food, movement, and their bodies in a way that brings them peace. Food is a way we connect to culture, tradition, and celebration. Dieting takes that away from us. I use a client-centered approach to create a collaborative partnership. We work together to reconnect to your internal wisdom and reclaim your self-worth. 

Professional Bio: Jasmine Hormati is a Registered Dietitian based in New York, NY. She specializes in disordered eating recovery and body image work by using an intuitive eating and Health at Every Size®  approach to help client heal their relationship with food, their bodies, and reclaim their inherent worth. 

Jasmine earned her Bachelors of Science in Conservation and Resource Studies form University o f California, Berkeley and her Master of Science in Nutrition and Public Health from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking/baking, and watching TV shows (especially Ted Lasso). 

Autumn Rauchwerk, MS, RD, RYT

Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor & Registered Yoga Teacher


 Lasso). I love thinking about and enjoying food when I’m hungry, eating until I’m satisfied, and focusing on other things the rest of the time. 

That wasn’t always my story. I spent a lot of my life having no idea what I wanted or felt because I was so focused on people pleasing and perfecting myself and my body. Thankfully,  my yoga and intuitive eating training have helped me learn how to find comfort and grounding in my body. I want to help you do the same so that you have space to grow, explore, and pursue your dreams. 

For many of us, our life experiences have made it difficult to connect with our internal knowledge. I help my clients develop a healthy relationship with food and movement by learning how to tap into their internal cues. This means treating your body as your best friend rather than your enemy and learning how to respect it and trust it rather than ‘fix’ it. Growth is intertwined with self-acceptance. 

Professional Bio: Autumn Rauchwerk is a Registered Dietitian and Registered Yoga Teacher. Her yoga instruction and nutrition counseling focus on creating a playful, connected, and nonjudgmental space to learn how to care for ourselves with compassion and wisdom. 

Autumn earned her Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies from American University and her Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Teachers College, Columbia University. She completed her yoga teacher training and Jaya Yoga in Brooklyn, New York. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, doing random art projects, dancing, and making people laugh. 

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