non-diet nutrition coaching

Tired of going on another diet? Confused about the latest fad?

We got your back.

Have you ever gone on a diet, trying to lose weight only to “fail” and gain the weight back? You may have felt disappointed in yourself because you couldn’t stick to the regimen. 

We’re here to tell you that you did not fail the diet – the diet failed you! It probably encouraged you to restrict your food intake and gave you a list of foods you should eat instead.

That’s where we come in. As nutrition experts, we will help you learn to trust yourself around food by tuning into your wants and needs. Breaking-up with diet culture is hard – especially when we are constantly reminded of what a “beautiful body” is by the media. By working together, we can help you cultivate a peaceful relationship with food and your body. You will be able to enjoy food and build up your self-worth from within. You’ve been in your body your whole life. No need to outsource body wisdom to someone else. 

 We help empower you to turn to your own inner wisdom to break away from dieting and get back to a more fulfilling life!

Want to learn more?

A discovery call is a great way for us to get you know you and what you are struggling with and how we can best support you. We’ll answer any questions you have about the process and can discuss package options. 

What to Expect

Initial Session

We will do a thorough assessment and talk about your relationship with food and your body – past and present. We’ll also discuss your goals and help develop a plan to achieve them. 

60 minutes

Follow-up Sessions

We’ll generally have a follow-up every other week. How often we check-in will be decided between you and your dietitian. Each session will focus on a topic that is important to you. Handouts and activities may be used to support your between sessions.

45 minutes

Ready to work together?

New Client Packages

nutrition coaching package options

Returning Client Packages

nutrition coaching package options

All packages also come with unlimited email support!

Monthly payment plans available. 

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