non-diet nutrition coaching

Do you...

…ask yourself what should you eat instead of what do you want to eat?

…spend a lot of your time thinking about what you ate and how you’re going to “burn the calories”?

…avoid dating, going for your dream job, traveling, etc. because of what your body looks like?

We completely understand.

If you have ever gone on a diet to lose weight only to “fail” and gained the weight back, you may have felt disappointed in yourself because you couldn’t stick to the regimen. 

You did not fail the diet – the diet failed you. 

As dietitians, we work with people so they can trust themselves when it comes to food by tuning into their inner wisdom. Breaking-up with diet culture is hard – especially when we are constantly reminded of what our culture says is a “beautiful body”. 

By working together, we can help you cultivate a peaceful relationship with food and your body by questioning the things society has taught us and reconnecting to your knowing. No one knows you and your body better than yourself. Following someone else’s rules around how much you should eat or how you have to exercise ignores your intuitive ability to know what you need. We will help you tap into your internal cues and learn to trust your self-judgement on what’s right for you.

This process of questioning and unlearning can often be scary and emotional. We are here to support you through it. We’ll help you enjoy food, find body acceptance, and build up self-worth from within. This is totally possible and we’ll work to help you build body acceptance, enjoy food, and reclaim your self-worth. Does this all seem impossible? We’ll work on those pesky self-doubt thoughts too. We know you have everything you need to live a fuller, happier life already within you. 

We provide 1:1 virtual nutrition coaching and body image healing by empowering you to turn to your inner wisdom, to break away from dieting, and get back to a more fulfilling life! 

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Ready to find peace with food and your body?

"Diets are exhausting and I wanted someone to help me find a different approach to eating and food. Jasmine helped me learn how to trust myself and my own hunger. It's a work in progress, but I'm now able to listen to my internal cues. Jasmine helped me truly accept that I don't need to follow a prescribed diet or look a certain way to be healthy."
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Here's what you can expect

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Breaking away from diet culture is hard. We’re here to help support you throughout that entire journey by creating a supportive and nonjudgemental space so that you can question and explore your thoughts and beliefs about food, movement, and your body. 

We’ll start with an initial session where we do a deep dive into you past and current relationship with food, movement, and your body image. You’ll be able to share your goals with us during this session, which will guide our work going forward. 

There will be follow-up sessions to continue unlearning diet culture’s messages and continue exploring your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about food and your body using:

  • mindfulness
  • self-compassion
  • intuitive eating
  • Health at Every Size® principles

We’ll also explore how your behaviors align with your values and incorporate self-care practices to help with overall well-being. 

These sessions are all virtual and also include unlimited email support and various tools, like worksheets and journal prompts, to apply the things we do together in session and allow you space to reflect on the process. Our work together is aimed to get you living your most authentic, fulfilling life. 

Want to learn more?

A discovery call is a great way for us to get you know you, what you are struggling with, and how we can best support you. We’ll answer any questions you have about the process and can discuss next steps. This is also a chance to get to know us and see if we’re the right fit for you!

3 Month Nutrition Coaching Package Includes:

60-minute Initial Session

We will do a thorough assessment and talk about your relationship with food and your body – past and present. We’ll also discuss your goals and next steps to help you get there.


6 Follow-Up Session

In these 45-minute follow-up sessions, we’ll continue diving deeper into your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs around food and your body while finding ways to shift in a way that works for you. How often we check-in is flexible – most people meet with us every 2-3 weeks.

Worksheets, Tools, & Unlimited Email Support

Worksheets and activities may be used to support you during and/or between sessions to support the work we’re doing. You’ll also be able to email us with questions or concerns that come up between sessions.

Your Investment

3 month package


3 month package – payment plan



If finances are a barrier and you’re interested in 1-on-1 coaching, please email us at for more information.

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